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Celebrating John Milne ‘The Father of Modern Seismology'

The hundredth anniversary of the death of Professor John Milne ‘The Father of Modern Seismology’ will be commemorated on the 31 July 2013. As part of the celebrations, the Isle of Wight Society has compiled information on its website which details related events around the world.

‘Earthquake’ Milne’ was the nickname given to Professor John Milne, who is credited with inventing the horizontal pendulum seismograph. Having worked for 20 years in Tokyo establishing the world’s first earthquake laboratory, he returned to Britain in 1895, residing at Shide Hill House on the Isle of Wight until his death in 1913. The observatory he established there became the world centre for earthquake science. To it came every record of an earthquake, many seismologists of note, others interested in the earth’s crust and distinguished men from all walks of life.

Visit the Isle of Wight Society’s website to find out about the many events occurring around the world that will celebrate Milne’s life.

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