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Distant Thunder

Articles by Nina Morgan

The History of Geology Group

Articles by HOGG member Nina Morgan published in ‘GeoScientist’.

These short vignettes explore interesting aspects of people or topics that have played a part in past geological communities revealing how geologists lived and thought and how we can often recognise echoes in our present-day practices. They are all worthwhile reads.

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Please note the articles are © The Geological Society of London. All rights reserved. No ‘Distant Thunder’ article or paragraph of an article may be reproduced, copied or transmitted save with written permission.

A marriage of true minds
01 FEBRUARY 2020
Nina Morgan recounts a surprise double wedding

A casualty of war
01 NOVEMBER 2019
Nina Morgan celebrates the work of Ethel Wood

Get the picture?
01 OCTOBER 2019
Nina Morgan on Marie Stopes, a formidable force in palaeobotany

Distant Thunder: Turning the tide
Nina Morgan on the rocky road to gender equality

Distant thunder: Credit where credit is due
01 AUGUST 2019
Nina Morgan applauds a remarkably frank revelation

Distant Thunder: Behind every good man…
01 JULY 2019
Nina Morgan ponders the marriage of William Buckland and Mary Morland

Equal opportunities
31 MAY 2019
Nina Morgan on the pioneering Geologists’ Association

Distant Thunder: Beauty and brains
01 MAY 2019
Nina Morgan on early attitudes towards female geologists

Onshore exploration
01 APRIL 2019
Nina Morgan on a sticky situation in Cumbria

Pen to paper
01 MARCH 2019
Collaboration as a cure to writer’s block

Romance of the Fossiles
01 FEBRUARY 2019
John Hailstone’s convoluted path to love

A Christmas cracker
30 NOVEMBER 2018
Nina Morgan portrays the meteoritic Christmas eve of 1965

Distant Thunder: Rock star
01 NOVEMBER 2018
Nina Morgan celebrates a geologist who went to war

Distant Thunder: Soldiering on
31 AUGUST 2018
Nina Morgan on the advantages of a daily commute

Spot on!
01 MARCH 2018
Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan celebrates the late Trevor Ford’s uncanny ability to be at the right – or wrong – place at the right time.

Climate change comes to Bagley Wood
01 DECEMBER 2017
Geologist and Science Writer Nina Morgan considers some new evidence

Fashion in the field
02 JULY 2017
Geologists often have a distinctive sartorial style, finds Nina Morgan

Distant Thunder – Material matters
01 MAY 2017
Nina Morgan discovers that a little geochemistry can go a along way…

Distant Thunder – Smooth operator
01 JUNE 2016
Geologist and Science Writer Nina Morgan discovers how a Scots stonemason changed the face of Victorian cemeteries

Distant Thunder – Modest proposals
02 MAY 2016
As geologist and science writer Nina Morgan can testify, scientific modesty can cloud conclusions

Distant Thunder – Goody Bags
01 FEBRUARY 2016
Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan wonders what to do with freebies

Distant Thunder – Meet the neighbours
Nina Morgan discovers that ‘what you know’ can be less important than ‘who your neighbours are’.

Distant Thunder – Dizzy heights
01 JUNE 2015
Nina Morgan celebrates a high point in the history of geology

Distant Thunder – Glorious mud!
01 MAY 2015
Nina Morgan waxes lyrical about Liberty Hyde Bailey, who extolled the stuff in verse.

Distant Thunder – The secret agent
01 APRIL 2014
Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan discovers how a geologist saved the skin of the King of France

Distant Thunder – Ladies’ Man
31 JANUARY 2014
So what were Henry de la Beche and that lady doing in that yacht, eh?

Distant Thunder: Name game
Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan discov…

Distant Thunder – A word to the wise
01 AUGUST 2013
Nina Morgan discovers that bricks and mortar are not always the best investment

Distant Thunder: Wedi’i golli yn y cyfieithiad §
01 APRIL 2013
Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan asks – what’s in a name?

Distant Thunder – Chat lines
01 MARCH 2013
Behind every successful man, there stands an amazed woman – Nina Morgan reports.

Distant Thunder – Man in the Moon
04 FEBRUARY 2013
Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan discovers a new twist to an old Sinatra song

Distant Thunder
03 DECEMBER 2012
Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan explores a green alternative to Christmas cards

Distant Thunder
02 NOVEMBER 2012
As geologist and science writer Nina Morgan discovers, geology of a sort has already provided clues to life on Mars

Climate change
01 OCTOBER 2012
Distant Thunder – Nina Morgan on Charles Lyell’s curious ‘climate change’ hypothesis

Rock addicts
Distant Thunder – Nina Morgan on an obsessive collector who lost his marbles

A bit on the side
01 AUGUST 2012
Distant Thunder – Nina Morgan celebrates a former brick pit

‘Twas ever thus
01 JULY 2012
Distant Thunder – Nina Morgan reveals that getting straight answers out of scientists was never easy

Food for thought
01 JUNE 2012
Distant Thunder – Food for thought

Losing the Plot
01 MAY 2012
Distant Thunder – Losing the Plot

‘Help your obituarist’
01 APRIL 2012
Distant thunder

A penny for their thoughts
01 MARCH 2012
Distant Thunder – Nina Morgan on the scientific influence of Hill’s Penny Post

Love on the Rocks
01 FEBRUARY 2012
Distant Thunder – With St Valentine’s Day in mind, Nina Morgan contemplates true love, on the rocks.

Distant Thunder
01 JANUARY 2012
Risen from the ashes: Nina Morgan discovers a Christmassy map

To hell in a handbasket
To Hell in a handbasket. To coincide with the Annual Festival of the British Science Association, Nina Morgan reflects on an earlier religious divide…

A bright spark
01 JANUARY 2009
Distant Thunder by Nina Morgan: A bright spark – geology’s Mr Whitegoods

Christmas Cheer – or, the gourmet geologist
01 DECEMBER 2008
Distant Thunder by Nina Morgan: Christmas Cheer – or the gourmet geologist

Perspicacious Perce
01 NOVEMBER 2008
Distant Thunder – Ted Nield on the first man to spot North Sea Oil…

On track
01 OCTOBER 2008
Distant Thunder by Nina Morgan – On Track… John Phillips takes the train for the first time

A tale of two cities
Distant Thunder by Nina Morgan – a tale of two cities and bad lodgings

Never on a Sunday
01 AUGUST 2008
Distant Thunder: Nina Morgan on a geological record of the working week

Cold Comfort
01 JUNE 2008
Distant Thunder by Nina Morgan: why Marie Stopes might have done for Robert Falcon Scott with her palaeobotanical talk…

He who hesitates
01 MAY 2008
Distant Thunder: Nina Morgan reveals how the British Museum lost out

Forgotten Chap
01 APRIL 2008
Distant Thunder: Science writer and historian Nina Morgan unearths another mute inglorious Milton

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