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HOGG Events

The History of Geology Group

HOGG Events

HOGG Events Programme 2023

HOGG meetings will be held online, 13.00-14.00hrs, unless stated otherwise.



HOGG AGM and The Sir Arthur Russell Collection of British minerals

On hogs, vultures, vineyards, ores, volcanoes and quarries in the Northern Carpathians

(Polish Geological Institute)

200 years of identifying and understanding former glacial lakes in Britain:  a history.

The importance of the overlooked early investigations by Adam Sedgwick in northeast England 1821-22 : the Magnesian Limestone and the Great Whin Sill

Workshop: Early production and printing methods of geological maps and illustrations

(Department of Typography University of Reading)

‘A brief history of the geological understanding of the Himalaya’

Overrating the exactitude: the role of Geodesy in Alfred Wegener’s arguments for Continental Drift

Godfrey Bingley and the late nineteenth-century

Arthur Young and the first geological maps of Norfolk and Suffolk

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Field Meeting: Malvern Rocks: geology in a Victorian health resort

A.C. Ramsay: insights into mid-19th century geology from his papers

Field Meeting: Malvern Rocks: geology in a Victorian health resort


Past Meetings

The ‘Discovery’ of the Silurian: following in the footsteps of Murchison.

Geological drugs and prophylactics – discovering how knowledge of geology was used in the past to prevent disease and protect against ailments

The history of petroleum exploration: evolving technologies based on a handful of underlying principles.

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