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The History of Geology Group

The History of Geology Group publications

From time to time the Geological Society of London publishes collections of papers based on the themes of HOGG meetings, as well as other books relating to the history of geology. Fellows of the Geological Society and some affiliated societies can purchase these books at a discount from the Geological Society’s bookshop. The latest books from the Geological Society about the history of geology are listed below.


The Age of the Earth: from 4004BC to AD2002

This book contains contributions from Martin Rees – the Astronomer...

200 Years of British Hydrogeology

The collection of papers in this volume records the development...

History of Palaeobotany

Often regarded as the ‘Cinderella’ of palaeontological studies, palaeobotany has...

The History of Meteoritics and Key Meteorite Collections: Fireballs, Falls and Finds

This Special Publication has 24 papers with an international authorship,...

The Role of Women in the History of Geology

Where were the women in Geology? This book is a...

The History of Geoconservation

This book is the first to describe the history of...

Appreciating Physical Landscapes: Three Hundred Years of Geotourism

Geotourism, as a form of sustainable geoheritage tourism, was defined...

A History Of Geology and Medicine

The historical links between Geology and Medicine are surprisingly numerous...
JMorton-STRATA-cover_300 by 300

Strata: The Remarkable Life Story of William Smith, the Father of English Geology – John L Morton

William Smith was the first man to realise that rock...
JMorton-KING OF SILURIA-cover_300 by 300

King of Siluria: How Roderick Murchison Changed the Face of Geology – John L Morton

From joining The Geological Society in 1825, Roderick Impey Murchison...

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Field Meeting: Malvern Rocks: geology in a Victorian health resort

A.C. Ramsay: insights into mid-19th century geology from his papers

Field Meeting: Malvern Rocks: geology in a Victorian health resort


Past Meetings

The ‘Discovery’ of the Silurian: following in the footsteps of Murchison.

Geological drugs and prophylactics – discovering how knowledge of geology was used in the past to prevent disease and protect against ailments

The history of petroleum exploration: evolving technologies based on a handful of underlying principles.

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