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William Boyd Dawkins, geologist & cave hunter

As part of Manchester’s Science Festival, HOGG Secretary, Leucha Veneer, will be giving a talk on the curator and cave hunter, William Boyd Dawkins (1837-1929).

Boyd Dawkins found and recorded tools from Neolithic and Bronze Age man in the caves of Cresswell Crags, a limestone gorge honeycombed with caves. Using his knowledge of geology from building tunnels (including the abortive Channel Tunnel project of the 1880s), Boyd Dawkins brought science to the fore in the understanding of archaeology – and the age of the Earth.

Join historian Leucha Veneer on Friday 2 Nov 2012 at Manchester Museum, 1 – 2pm, to find out more about Boyd Dawkins, who was also the Museum’s first curator. This is a free event, but the museum advises booking in advance through the festival website.

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