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How do we know the age of the Earth?

In the December issue of Focus, a science and technology magazine published by the BBC, Cherry Lewis answers the question of how we know the age of the Earth. Based on her book The Dating Game, she summarises the history of how we came to know the age of the Earth through the progressive development […]

The Evolution of Creationism

In a recent issue of GSAToday Dave Montgomery of Seattle has written an excellent short account of the history of Creationism. Following all recent scholars like Ron Numbers he traces the roots of Young Earth Creationists (YEC) to about 1900 in the Seventh Day Adventist church, rather than presenting the view that it is a […]

William Boyd Dawkins, geologist & cave hunter

As part of Manchester’s Science Festival, HOGG Secretary, Leucha Veneer, will be giving a talk on the curator and cave hunter, William Boyd Dawkins (1837-1929). Boyd Dawkins found and recorded tools from Neolithic and Bronze Age man in the caves of Cresswell Crags, a limestone gorge honeycombed with caves. Using his knowledge of geology from […]

Hugh Torrens wins IUGS Tikhomirov award

Emeritus Professor Hugh Torrens has been awarded the inaugural V. V.  Tikhomirov Award for the History of Geology. The Award is one of the new  IUGS Scientific Awards of Excellence which have recently been established  to reward outstanding original contributions or achievements that mark a major advance or contribution to the Earth Sciences. Each IUGS […]

Save Siccar Point

An issue of huge importance to the history of geology is the recent proposal to build an outfall pipe for agricultural waste adjacent to Siccar Point where James Hutton’s famous ‘Unconformity’ is so well exposed in the sea cliff. An avalanche of objections to the planning application has landed on the Scottish Borders Council from […]

Celebrating John Milne ‘The Father of Modern Seismology'

The hundredth anniversary of the death of Professor John Milne ‘The Father of Modern Seismology’ will be commemorated on the 31 July 2013. As part of the celebrations, the Isle of Wight Society has compiled information on its website which details related events around the world. ‘Earthquake’ Milne’ was the nickname given to Professor John […]

Cherry Lewis awarded Sue Tyler Friedman medal

The Geological Society of London’s Sue Tyler Friedman medal has been awarded this year to Cherry Lewis for her distinguished contributions to the recording of the history of geology. The medal is awarded annually, or at such intervals as Council may determine, on a world-wide basis without regard to nationality. This Geological Society award was […]

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